Technical Profile

 Fawumi, Kehinde

Web developer, Project Manager

Kehinde is a web developer and project manager with strong web design, programming and data analysis skills. He has experiences in end-to-end planning, implementation and management of IT projects. He has implemented business-critical projects with global impacts.

Kehinde’s passion is centered on excellence and creativity. He has sound communication, problem-solving and organizational skills. He is a team player and self-starter with strong interpersonal and solution oriented attitude, and an ability to effectively operate with high energy and flexibility in a fast paced, constantly evolving team environment.


  • Front-End Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Graphics and Animations
  • Team lead
  • Project Management
  • Product Development
  • Database design
  • System design
  • Content Management Systems & Frameworks
  • Web Development
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Data Analysis

INDUSTRY experience

  • Information Technology Services
  • Retail/E-commerce
  • Public sector
  • Media
  • Non-profit Organizations

Languages and Frameworks

VB, ASP, C#, JavaScript (jQuery), .NET, VBA, XML, CAML, XSLT, WML, VBScript, HTML/DHTML, XHTML, Java, J2SE, MS SharePoint, Nintex Workflows

Web- and mobile development

PHP, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery), AngularJS, Backbone.js, Version Control Systems (Git/SVN), CMS, CakePHP, Zend Framework, Twitter Bootstrap, Phonegap/Cordova

Development systems and environment

Windows 2003/XP/7/8, Linux, UNIX, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft SharePoint, Nintex Workflows, WebSphere Application Server, Jboss, Adobe Photoshop, Flash MX (Action Script), Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Macromedia Director, MS Office, GRETL, MATLAB, MOQUPS, GMDH Shell, Hibernate, Apache, Apache Tomcat, Eclipse, HP-UX, Eclipse, ASN-1, SSH, SSL,


Strong skills in Front-End Development, UI Designs and Project Management


Master of Science in Informatics, TU Munich


Diploma, Project Management Professional



German (Basic)

Selection of qualifications

SOFTWARE Developer / Data Manager


FUJITSU is an IT-services provider which offers a diversity of products and services in the areas of personal computing, telecommunications and advanced microelectronics.

Though the company has over 200 office locations all over the world, the affairs and data about these properties are not centrally coordinated. Fujitsu came up with a project to design and implement a centralized real estate portfolio management tool in a bid to organize data and generate reports for all locations in the world.  The project focuses on pro-active real estate cost management and holistic portfolio optimization based on the strategic business objectives.

Kehinde led the development of the Portfolio Management Software. He led the design and implementation of the software, dashboards and reports. He also designed the information flows, approval loops and architecture of the entire system. These designs ensured that data update was decentralized by local teams and system is friendly to users who are not IT-inclined. His other responsibilities include:

Conceptualization and implementation of workflows for managing complex real estate portfolios (office, Parking, Warehouse) and financial data

Data analytics, visualization, and forecasting

Gathering data and liaising with facility managers and controllers from Fujitsu locations all over the world to ensure data accuracy

Workshops and Training of Fujitsu Staff in Europe, Middle East, India and Africa.


TU Munich Q4 2014 – Q2 2015

Every day, data is generated in large volumes in a wide range of applications in nearly every organization. However, the management and analysis of these data still pose a great challenge to end users who have little programming experience and little knowledge of data analysis models. Although, many tools exist for data analysis, a review of these tools shows that they are usually designed for data experts and analysts.

Kehinde worked with the SEBIS group at the Technical University of Munich to design an interactive web-based software for managing, analyzing and transforming data. The software was designed specifically for users with low programming and data analysis skills.

The design requirements of the software were deduced from the extensive research Kehinde made on data analysis tools like: Gretl, Mathematica, MATLAB, Minitab, R, SAS, SPlus, SPSS, Stata, STATISTICA, OpenEpi, Weka and Systat. Kehinde defined the functional and non-functional requirements for the software. These requirements formed the basis for the software design. Prior to implementation, usage scenarios of the software were graphically illustrated using mockups.



The business operations department of Fujitsu was saddled with a major responsibility to improve the business processes within Fujitsu and the services the company renders to its customers. The department thus came up with a program (Business Process Improvements) with six projects. Each project focused on a technology/tool that needs to be replaced or updated.

Kehinde joined the Project Management Office to develop a centralized platform for the coordination of the entire program. The platform, once developed, became the key tool for the project managers to manage their team, project activities, schedule, risks, escalations, dependencies and costs. He was also involved in the entire program planning, management, communications and team coordination.

Front-end Developer

TU Munich Q4 2013 – Q1 2014

The SEBIS group at the Technical University of Munich asked Kehinde to join other developers in developing an easy-to-use query builder software which enables users to build SQL queries in a flexible way. The software – Quezard allows users to create and manipulate queries without a prior knowledge of any database programming language. Quezard simplifies querying of databases for non-technical users by providing a user-friendly query builder/wizard. Users can import data schemas from data source(s), create query models using Pipes & Filters, run the queries and get the data results. Quezard also provides other functionalities like editing, saving and retrieving query models.

Kehinde was responsible for the design of the highly interactive user interface of the software. The requirements for the software UI were special since the software warrants that users perform a constant asynchronous communication with the server.

Web designer / Developer / Web Content Manager

Trendsetters Technologies Q1 2012 – Q2 2014

Kehinde has wide range of experiences in the design and development of websites. He has successfully developed over 20 websites in different fields like ecommerce, education, non-profit organizations, online media, financial institutions etc.

As a lead web designer at Trendsetters technologies, Kehinde reflects his creativity in the various impressive designs that is unique to each project. Some of the various websites he has designed include:
A corporate website of Trendsetters Technologies that showcases the portfolio of the company.
A product website for a mobile app designed to help users prepare for job aptitude tests.
An online coaching and mentoring platform to help young people learn how to define their careers.
An e-commerce website for the sales of general electronics and accessories. Design was specifically designed to suit users from West African Countries.
This is a corporate and portfolio website for a furniture and interior designs company. The site showcases the portfolio of the company.
An online media and news website with focus on technology, fashion, music, videos and sports.

web developer / web content manager

Freelance Q3 2014 – Q2 2015

There are many more web projects that Kehinde has successfully delivered with excellence. His projects combine responsiveness, professional designs and easy-navigation system to offer visitors a great surfing experience. The projects describe below are some of the websites he has developed as a freelancer.
The website portrays the mission, passion and activities of a social organization – Lions Club. It offers visitors possibilities to interact with media elements like images, audio and videos.
This is an e-commerce website which focuses on women fashion products. The website incorporates about 10 online payment gateways, live chat platform, complete ordering and delivery processes with SMS and email notifications.
BOCU.ORG is an information and mentoring website with focus on young people.
A real estate website where visitors can search for available properties in specified locations. Visitors can also connect with property owners/agents for possible business opportunities.
This is an information website about the mission and projects of a non-profit organization – FeedOne Project. The website provides visitors the opportunity to donate and volunteer on the website.