3 Simple Success Tips (on-the-fly)

Hello friends. A friend of mine asked me this question (below) with some well-meaning curiosity and I answered in a spontaneous manner. I felt it’s worth sharing the things that came off my chest on-the-fly. In this short blog, I’ll relay the unedited response I gave and hope it helps someone.

I keep admiring your advancements and keep asking myself how you have managed to do so in such a short time. 
Will appreciate if you can help share some success tips and inspirations.

I’ve been thinking about what the trim it all down to….
Firstly, I think most people just don’t know exactly what they want for themselves. You have to FIND that purpose/goal that best describes your life and go for it fully.
 Don’t waste your time and resources pursuing things that are not FOR YOU…that your are not made for.
Secondly, I believe it’s about being prepare for the opportunities that come our way. Somehow everyone will encounter interesting opportunities that could launch us into the ‘lime light’. What will matter is how prepared you are at that point.
This is what I do. Whenever I desire a thing, I start to prepare for it. Strangely, I attract the relevant opportunities for that thing and…depending on how well prepared I am, and the grace of God..mostly what I expect to happen, happens.
Third point is being able to follow the leading of your real self. That silent voice of the inner man that knows, at best, what we should be doing. Only you know what is best for you…by listening to your inner self. Every other external influence can only serve as a form of guidance for you. Learn to stay calm and listen to your ‘inner witness’ and you’ll always know what to do per time.
Please understand that there are countless other tips and values that contribute to success. This is only a short on-the-fly response to what I have come to believe deeply!

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