3 Simple Success Tips (on-the-fly)

Hello friends. A friend of mine asked me this question (below) with some well-meaning curiosity and I answered in a spontaneous manner. I felt it’s worth sharing the things that came off my chest on-the-fly. In this short blog, I’ll relay the unedited response I gave and hope it helps someone.

I keep admiring your advancements and keep asking myself how you have managed to do so in such a short time. 
Will appreciate if you can help share some success tips and inspirations.

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How to Trust, especially when you have no reason to – Kehinde Fawumi

Kehinde Fawumi shares on one of the most relevant topics to us all, at Netlight Consulting Edge Batch conference.

Usually the way we try to avoid being hurt is by holding-off on trusting until we know we are safe. If a person “earns our trust” then we will gladly give it to them. However, asking someone to “earn our trust” often means we are asking them not to make any mistakes.
Trust is a willingness to be vulnerable. Vulnerability and risk drives trust. Our disappointments from a few people should therefore not stop us from trusting in people.


It’s “Afrophobia” in South Africa, NOT Xenophobia! – Kehinde Fawumi

The disheartening news about the attacks on Foreigners in South Africa has been in the air for some days now. What is more sad about the issue is that, reviews here and there seem to have misinterpreted the context of the entire tragedy by labeling it “Xenophobia”.

My concern is: you don’t see Australians and Britons being chased on the streets and similar demands being placed on them that they should be leave the country. Are they not also foreigners? The police minister, Nathi Nhleko, described clearly: “What you don’t see is you don’t see Australians being chased on the streets, Britons being chased on the streets and similar demands being placed on them that they should be leave the country and so on,”. Continue reading

Top 100 Scholarship Opportunities for Students and Researchers!

Many students and researchers are constantly in search of opportunities for scholarships, fellowships, grants, sponsorship etc. I thought of compiling a long list (sourced) of (Top 100) scholarship opportunities from different parts of the world. I hope you find ones relevant to your specific needs and qualifications. Please also have a look at the opportunities to check if you are eligible for their offerings. Continue reading


Step-by-Step Guide to Studying in Germany in English for FREE!

Hey! I am happy to continue discussion with you guys on the possibility of achieving your career and personal goals by studying in Germany. Since the past 48 hours that I posted my first blog on “Study in Germany in English for FREE!”, I have received lots of mails and questions from people who have strong interest in taking up this rare opportunity…and of course funny mails too like: “You are good-looking guy, can you send me your number” 😀 Continue reading

Study in Germany in English for FREE!

Hey guys!studyInEnglish

I often receive requests, calls, emails etc. from people requesting to know how they can study in Germany in English language … and whether it’s a good option compared to the wide range of possibilities all over the world. YES! Most Universities in Germany offer countless courses for FREE! My sincere advice is: know what you want, then read this blog…and most certainly you will find a match! Continue reading

Youth Startup Incubator at Harvard, Stanford, and Pennsylvania



Announcing a new initiative that aims to change the landscape of youth entrepreneurship.

Ashoka’s Catapult, a program of Ashoka’s Youth Venture, sources and develops the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs through an intensive four-month incubator. Taking place at Harvard, Stanford, and the University of Pennsylvania, Catapult provides participants with an unprecedented, immersive learning experience during the school year. Students will work in teams, alongside corporate and MBA advisors, to build and launch a venture by April 2015.
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Students from over 20 countries at Technical University Munich, Germany joins the #BringBackOurGirls Campaign!

TUM Students BringBackOurGirlsOn Wednesday, 21st May 2014, students from about 25 countries gathered at the Technical University Munich (Germany) to join in the campaign for the kidnapped girls in Nigeria #BringBackOurGirls!
The students, who showed passionate concerns about the unfortunate event said they are making a stand for Freedom and Education-for-all. Continue reading

Missing Girls Shown In New Boko Haram Video, They Seem to Have All been Forced To Islam

A new video by the Boko Haram sect has shown the leader Abubakar Shekau saying that he will not release the abducted girls. Earlier, he threatened to sell off the girls as slaves. The video shows over 100 girls in hijab and he said they will not be released unless all Boko Haram suspects in the government custody are released. Shekau said in the 17-minute long video obtained by AFP that: “These girls, these girls you occupy yourselves with… we have indeed liberated them. These girls have become Muslims.” It is believed that a majority of the girls are Christians. The girls appear calm and they said they have not been harmed. See parts of the video below: Continue reading